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Arthur L. Reese Family Archives

Arthur L. Reese Family Archives (ALRFA) houses hundreds of early to mid-20th Century documents and images, of Venice of America.

The hundreds of early and mid-20th century documents and images available through ALRFA are from the "original collection" of Arthur L. Reese, Head Decorator /Maintenance Supervisor of "Venice of America" for the Abbot Kinney Company.

In 1920, while continuing as Head Decorator for the Abbot Kinney Company, Arthur L. Reese purchased the Venice Boat and Canoe Company from the Abbot Kinney Company.
Mr. Reese owned and operated the Boat and Canoe Company, with his brotherEdward, until 1929 (the year the original Venice Canals were filled).

Venice of America

Opening day to the filling of the canals.

Venice, California
1930- 1960
The years after the canals were filled, includes the years of "Great Depression" , the World War II era, the post-war years up to the "Hippie 60's".

Venice of America 1905-1929 Venice, California 1930-1960
Decorations Heads Floats
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